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MHC 65 e MHC 115


The technical specification of the Terminal


MHC 65

The Orlando wharf faces on the Cappellini basin, in the Old Harbour, and is reserved for sea traffic of ship carrying bulk goods, iron, wood, various goods and containers.

The wharf is 450 mts. long, with three hauling points and with a depth of 30 feet. It has a railroad junction and three railroads adjacent to the quay, eight drinkable water points and six telephone plugs.

The quay and the yards cover approximatively 27.000 sq.mts., dedicated to the stocking of general bulk, various goods and containers. A large area is dedicated to customs temporary goods custody (called 066V).

The Terminal also has offices for a total of 300 sq.mts., and an excellent repair shop with a spare parts department, for the sheltering and the constant maintenance of machinery.

There is a team of professionals that follows all the operations of loading, unloading and stocking of goods in the yard, whether these are containerized or not.

There is a selected staff of people with a long experience in the field of containers handling that takes care of all the necessary steps, including the grouping of containers.

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