Terminal Calata Orlando
Via A. Cappellini, 12
57123 Livorno
Tel. 0586 829266
Fax 0586 828218
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MHC 65 e MHC 115


The goods


The Terminal is operational 24 hours a day, and it handles 1.200.000 tons of bulk goods every year. This figure is expected to increase thanks to the new cranes acquired.

Among the various types of bulk goods handled there are manly fertilizers, bentonite, zirconium, siliceous sand and other minerals.

Packed goods, including stock wood and planks and iron, add up to 130.000 tons per year.

TCO guarantees to its customers maximum promptness in the carrying out of operations, in full observance of safety measures, thanks to its computerised system and the latest technologies.


Various goods hold an increasing share in the traffic of the harbour of Livorno that is specializing as a multipurpose harbour, and in this light the Terminal Calata Orlando holds a most important position.

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