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MHC 65 e MHC 115


Advanced machinery: the docking cranes

Fantuzzi Reggiane The goods handling marine machinery used the TCO are three harbour cranes (produced by Fantuzzi Reggiane) and by two bridge dockers (produced by C & T and De Bartolomeis). 

Two of the new mobile cranes are of the MCH 65 type (one single-winched for electro-hydraulic buckets, one twin-winched for mechanical buckets), that guarantee a ray of action of up to 34 mts. Theese two cranes that can be used both with a hook or with a bucket, have a maximum load of 40 tons (for use with a hook) or 25 tons (for use with a bucket).

This is the technical specification in detail of the two MHC 65 cranes:

- Maximum load with hook: 40/30/20/10 tons 
- Maximum load with bucket: 25/20/15 tons 
- Maximum speed with hook: 24/31/45/80 mts/minute 
- Rotation speed: 1.4 rpm (360°) 
- Maximum height with hook: 23 mts 
- Maximum range: 34 mts 
MHC 115



The other three mobile harbour cranes have a superior specification and are called by the builter MCH 115 single-winch. Thess cranes can operate either with a hook, with a bucket or with an automatic rocker arm, for the handling of 20"/40" feet.
This is the technical specificatioon in detail for the MHC 115 crane:

- Maximum load with hook: 63/45/25/14 tons 
- Maximum load with bucket: 30/25/20 tons 
- Maximum speed with hook: 19/26/45/76 mts/minute 
- Rotation speed: 1.3 rpm (360°) 
- Maximum height with hook: 26 mts 
- Maximum range: 38 mts 

The docking cranes allow TCO to boast a maximum productive potential of 1.500 tons/hour.

The terminal has buckets for all types of loose minerals, both mechanical ("rope buckets") and electro-hydraulic. These vary from a maximum capacity of 12 cu.mts to a minimum of 3.5 cu.mts.

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Advanced machinery: the docking cranes 
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Fantuzzi Reggiane

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