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MHC 65 e MHC 115


The new technologies for goods-handling

Bob Cat

For the handling of loose goods in the hold and in the yard, TCO can boast a wide array of machinery, that varies from the small and versatile Bob Cats to the large Caterpillar and Fiat Allis scrapers.

The company invests every year in the turnover of machinery, in order to always count on fully-efficient machinery, both for stacking goods in the hold or fast and safe downloading in the yard.

Machinery for various goods handling is also ample and varied, with trucks and trolleys such as four and 5 tons Clarks, 12 tons F/L Caterpillar, 32 tons Fantuzzi (with automatic spreader for container handling).

An FDC 320 Fantuzzi fork lift, with a triplex tower, enables the safest stocking, if need be, of up to seven empty containers.


The terminal also has its own repair shop, run by its own personnel, that guarantees ordinary maintenance and immediate intervention during all the operative hours of the cranes.

A spares depot has been set up near the main offices, and it can satisfy all statistically relevant need.

Fantuzzi Reggiane

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