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MHC 65 e MHC 115


For multipurpose traffic of Livorno

The Harbour of Livorno,thanks to its geographical position in the heart of may traffic lines, both by sea and by land, has been one of the most important emporium for goods in transit in the Mediterranean sea, ever since the 17th century. This holds true to this very day, thanks to the nature of this multipurpose harbour.

Since the beginning of 20th century, the Orlando wharf, placed in the heart of the Old Harbour, has handled a great quantity of traffic. Until the Forties this traffic consisted mainly of bulk goods and bagged minerals, later of coal and minerals and in these last few years of multipurpose traffic.


MHC 65 Bob Cat


Today the Terminal is managed by the Società Terminal Calata Orlando, a company whose shareholders are the Compagnia Portuale Livorno srl, Politi Luciano e figli sas and Terminal Rinfuse Mediterranei srl. This last company has been created by a group of operators: Carlo Laviosa srl, Pilade Giani srl, Giorgio Gragnani srl, Agrimar srl, Del Corona - Scardigli Srl.
TCO srl, has been operational since September 1996, and can count on the professionality and on the experience of historical harbour operators, whose presence in the harbour of Livorno dates back, in some case, to after the war.


Bob Cat MHC 115


La TCO srl, operativa dal settembre 1996, conta quindi sulla professionalità e sull'esperienza di operatori storici la cui presenza nel porto di Livorno vanta una lunga tradizione.


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