The future

The area is more suited to the type of activity and is directly connected to the motorway to Florence (SGC Fi-Pi-Li).
The project involves the construction of a new terminal, which allows us to rethink a layout and a way of organizing operations in a different and more efficient way.
The project includes a railway connection for loading and receiving loads directly on the quay.
The possibility to send wagons directly from the terminal or, on the contrary, to receive goods by rail, will considerably increase the TCO offer to goods and customers who currently have to consider the collection and delivery of goods by road only.
The new location will also allow us to move from a draft on the current platform of -8.5 meters to -12.00, considerably increasing our ability to land large ships.
Finally we will have the opportunity to store the goods even in covered spaces near the quay, reducing the costs of transferring the goods in warehouses outside the terminal.
The transfer of TCO is foreseen at the end of the works to set up the new quay, by 2019.

nuova area jpg