About us

TCO is a multipurpose terminal operating on the Calata Orlando in ​​the commercial port area reserved for bulk cargo traffic in the port of Livorno.

The wharf is 450 mts. long, with three hauling points (49 – 50 – 51 Orlando) and depths of –7.50 meters (51 hauling point), -9.0 meters (49 – 50 hauling points); on our quay we can operate medium-sized ships at the same time.

The terminal covers an area of ​​about 32,000 square meters for the handling and storage of break bulk and bulk goods in general.

The area includes an uncovered space destined for temporary customs custody (called 066 V).

TCO has an independent laboratory with a selected staff of persons with long experience in the field of repair of mechanical equipment, including quayside cranes. This allows to intervene promptly on the vehicles, limiting to a minimum the stopping of the machine during the loading and unloading of the goods.
Close to the area there are our administrative offices and a warehouse for spare parts and shelter for vehicles. TCO has a covered warehouse of about 2000 square meters that can accommodate about 8,000 tons of bulk goods.

The unloading/unloading operations of the goods passing through the Terminal are followed by personnel with many years of experience in the port handling sector of various types of goods. The operators are largely multi-purpose and follow a program of continuous training.