Terminal equipment

The lifting equipment available to the Terminal consists of 3 Fantuzzi Reggiane mobile harbor cranes.

Two of these are MHC 115 monoargano type and due to their versatility they can work hook, bucket and with automatic spreader or spreader.

These are the main features of the MHC 115 crane:

  • Maximum hook lifting capacity of 63 tons
  • Maximum lifting capacity at 30 tons bucket
  • Maximum height at the hook mt 26
  • Maximum outreach allowed 38 meters

The third crane is a MHC 65 biargano for mechanical buckets.

These are the main features of the MHC 65 crane:

  • Maximum lifting capacity 40 ton hook
  • Maximum 25-ton bucket lifting capacity
  • Maximum height at the hook mt 23
  • Maximum outreach allowed 34 meters

Thanks to the crane fleet, TCO can reach, at full capacity, a potential production capacity of around 1,200 tons / hour.

The terminal has buckets available for all types of bulk minerals with sealed closure and various capacities, from 8 to 20 cubic meters.

For disembarkation of dusty materials, the terminal has available a cannon to spray the water and break down the powders. The various goods are disembarked with the help of 5 hopper hoppers.

The Terminal is equipped with 2 4 and 5 ton fork lifts and a 26 ton Hyster a LIEBHERR 904 wheeled excavator equipped with bucket and octopus.

For the cleaning of the holds for the work of recharging and pile-up there are 3 small compact shovels (BOB CAT), a tracked vehicle, 4 motopale with high capacity buckets.